The Business of People

The Business of People series trailer

August 26, 2021 Ali Hill Season 1 Episode 0
The Business of People
The Business of People series trailer
Show Notes

Welcome to The Business of People podcast, my name’s Ali Hill. I’m a psychologist by trade, CEO of Pragmatic Thinking, host and producer of Stand Out Life podcast which has been going for over five years, and alongside my team, we’re excited to be launching this series with professionals talking about people and culture. 

Business of the future is built on many solid platforms, strong financial focus, innovative technology methods, continual creation of solid solutions to problems, obsession about customer experience - and the success of each of these is dependent on one thing… 


The Business of People podcast is a brand-new podcast produced by Pragmatic Thinking, which is dedicated to elevating the role of People and Culture.

This is our place to learn, challenge, dive deeper, and elevate each other. It’s for your colleagues, your co-workers and those looking to grow their career in people and culture. 

We’ll explore topics from high performance, to employee engagement, developing our people, performance reviews, and navigating a hybrid work force, plus many more.

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 Together, let’s inspire and empower the conversation around People and Culture across the world, as we continue to create cultures people rave about.